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OneStop Reporting is a pioneering IT software development company that provides a Business Intelligence (BI) suite of reporting, budgeting and analysis tools for businesses of all sizes and sectors. OneStop Reporting is seamlessly integrated with a number of market-leading ERP systems, such as the Microsoft Dynamics family, QuickBooks Online, Xero, SAP Business One, etc.

OneStop Reporting enables users to customize reports on demand, and all data are running “live” from the ERP database. This results in time saved and a big increase in efficiency for an organization’s managers, employees, and clients.

OneStop Reporting AS was established in 2007, and the OneStop Reporting product suite has been available since 2009. The team behind OneStop Reporting has previously developed the solutions Solver Group Consolidation/Enterprise Reporting and iLytix XL Reporter, that were acquired by Microsoft (2000) and SAP (2005) respectively.

Who are we?

We are a company filled with positive enthusiastic, reliable and solution-oriented people. We focus strongly on the ability to perform and good collaboration across the company.

Complete insight

The solution contains a large number of report- and budget templates, but most important, OneStop Reporting includes an Excel-based Report Designer which makes OneStop Reporting unique compared to other reporting tools on the market. This, in combination with functionality specifically designed to support reporting processes for the financial department, makes OneStop Reporting a powerful and versatile solution.

We combined the favorite interface for finance people (Excel) with the favorite tool for IT people (web browser application with zero footprints), OSR Portal. With our Excel com-add-in reporting solution that accelerates the spreadsheet application with capabilities that focus on secure collaboration and dynamic accounting logic. Minimizing manual Excel reporting problems and time spent training on the product, makes our product, not just user-friendly, but business-user friendly.

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