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Accounting firms

OneStop Reporting is designed to be a tool that meets the requirements and needs of an accounting firm in terms of reporting and budgeting for its clients.

The ultimate reporting portal for accounting firms


Accountants can share and publish standard report packages and commentaries to clients with a single click.


Accountants can also design customized reports with our powerful Excel-based report designer tool which is fully integrated with your accounting software


Notifications are received by clients who easily can access and view their reports and key-figures on all platforms.


OneStop Reporting includes forecasting with workflow and ready-to-use templates that can be fully customized.

How it works

The solution contains a large number of standard reports, but most important, OneStop Reporting includes an Excel-based Report Designer which makes OneStop Reporting unique compared to other reporting tools on the market. This, in combination with functionality specifically designed to support reporting processes for accountants and accounting firms, makes OneStop Reporting a product that can help accounting firms expand their services and offerings to their clients and, thus, contributing to increased growth and profitability for the accounting firm.

Increase revenue using OneStop Reporting

OneStop Reporting’s accounting firm solution allows accounting firm to offer larger clients their own access to create reports and manage their own use of OneStop Reporting. In this, there is also a great potential for the accounting firm in terms of pricing and earnings. 

Feel free to download our white paper to fully explore your possibilities with OneStop Reporting.


OneStop Reporting offers an online training platform – eLearning. The platform contains educational courses and videos, so that you can a get unique insight into the OneStop Reporting solutions.

We have customized courses that are created to meet the spesific needs of an Accounting firm. 

Our integrations

With OneStop Reporting, an accounting firm can automate its reporting routines to its clients. This means saved time and saved costs. In addition to having a wide range of standard reports covering the statutory part of the reporting, the integrated Excel-based Report Designer will be a tool for the individual accountant to make client-specific reports based on requests from their clients.

Get started today!

We would be happy to give you a demonstration of the OneStop Reporting solutions and show how they can significantly simplify your reporting and forecasting processes.
Or you can try it yourself, completely free for 30 days.

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