Budgeting season is just around the corner

— Have you tried the budgeting solution from OneStop Reporting?

The OneStop Reporting budgeting solution allows you to build, maintain, manage and monitor the budgeting processes from start to finish.

You can customize your own budgeting- and forecasting model, or use our predefined budgeting- and forecasting templates from our Marketplace.

Through the Workflow module in OneStop Reporting, you get full control over the entire budgeting process. You can assign and manage assignments to other end users, follow their progress in the budgeting process, receive notifications when they have completed their budget input and approve the completed budget. In addition, there is a built-in activity log that allows you to communicate with other users. This makes your budgeting process simple and transparent.

During the process, you’ll have access to support features, such as, distribution keys, percent-based calculations, and historical numbers. Furthermore, you’ll be able to further specify your budget data through Line Item Details.

How to streamline your budgeting process? Watch video below.

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