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The concept Business Intelligence is computer based programs that finds, fetches and analyses “hard data”. With the technology and capacity we have today, we can extract enormous amounts of data from every aspect of the business, but without good solutions for Business Intelligence these data will be wasted.

There is little doubt that Business Intelligence has become an increasingly important area for many companies today. However, there are still many executives who don’t really know how much an efficient Business Intelligence solution can influence decision making and make a positive difference.

Good Business Intelligence solutions gives you a better overview over trends and challenges, and thus makes you more suited to take the right decisions at any time.

OneStop Reporting develop and sell software for Business Intelligence. The product suite in our Business Intelligence package includes modules for reporting, budgeting, dashboards and analysis. All modules are 100 percent integrated with most of today’s market leading ERP systems.

Data warehouse functionality makes it possible to collect data from other systems than the ERP system, so that reports and analyses can show information from all the company’s business critical applications.

Forms and reports are created using simple drag and drop functionality in a Microsoft Excel interface, and with OSR’s publishing module, reports and forms can be distributed simply and efficiently. Access management settings determine what each user can see and do with forms and reports.

The typical users of our Business Intelligence solution are medium sized to large companies that require efficient solutions for these areas.

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