Did you know…

Get to know these handy tips about the functionalities in OneStop Reporting.

…you can drill down in your reports to voucher view.

From any report in Reporting you can drill down to see the underlying details of the value. Simply right-click on the cell to access the journal entry level.

…you can collect your reports into packages and distribute to your clients or colleagues.

Do you want to collect your reports into one package to distribute to a client or a colleague?

In Reporting, select reports and click  Add to package. You can then distribute the report package to your client or colleague.

…you can add comments to your reports.

Do you want to say something about certain figures in your reports and would like to add that to a particular report?

In Reporting, when you have run a report you can click   Comment to add a new sheet with notes. You can add as many Comment sheets as you wish.

…you can create playlists of your reports.

Do you want to come to meetings with all your reports easily available in a playlist?

Create a playlist of your most used reports. In Reporting, run your reports with the desired parameters and send the reports to archive. In Archive, select  the reports you want to include and click   Add to playlist.

To show the playlist, click Playlists in the filter bar, select your playlist and click  Show playlist.

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