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Features and product benefits

Automate complex processes

Automation by reducing repetitive tasks in reporting and budgeting processes.

Customized reporting and budgeting

Our Excel-based Report Designer provides a unique, versatile and powerful reporting tool, where you build your reports exactly as you want them.

Get an unique insight to your data

We gather all of your accounting data in one platform. So you can easily analyze your numbers and gain a unique insight that can help you make better and faster decisions.

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Frequently asked questions

What happens after end trial?

At the end of the trial period, you will automatically lose access to OneStop Reporting. We delete all reports and data.

Do I have to have Excel locally installed?

Excel v.2013 or later has to be locally installed. For MAC-users, Excel must be run on Windows for MAC. Click here for more information.

Where can I find user documentation

You can find user documentation and guides on

Where can I find courses?

OneStop Reporting has an online learning plattform. Click here to learn more about the eLearning module.


OneStop Reporting is a multi-tenant Business Intelligence solution for reporting, budgeting and analysis, integrated with your cloud system.

OneStop Reporting