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Standard features

Report Designer

Create and customize dynamic templates in Excel – connected to your data.

Report templates

Unlimited access to our library of report templates.

Forecast/budget forms

Unlimited access to our library of forecast/budget forms.


Custom consolidated reports, that gives an overview of the financial statement of a group of companies.


Drill-down to transaction level.

Voucher view

Display of vouchers in reports.


Publish comments that are attached to the reports when archived.


Notifications received by clients on smartphones, tablets or email when reports are ready.


Advance security and data access.

Marketplace for templates

With OneStop Reporting, you get a wide range of financial report templates that are instantly available to use.
All report templates are created with access to all ERP system tables and fields.
As a Super user, you can edit the report templates or you can create your own.

Create your own report templates

Our Excel-based Report Designer provides a unique, versatile and powerful reporting tool, where you build your reports exactly as you want them. The only limitation is your imagination! Reports are designed mainly using drag-and-drop functionality, which makes it quick and easy to create advanced reports.

Budgeting and Forecasting

The OneStop Reporting budgeting solution allows you to build, maintain, manage and monitor the budgeting processes from start to finish.

You can customize your own budgeting- and forecasting model, or use our predefined budgeting- and forecasting templates from our Marketplace.

OSR eLearning

The OSR eLearning platform includes educational courses and videos, giving you unique insights into our products. You learn whenever you want, and wherever it suits you. This gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace, and always have access to educational materials.
In our online course Report creation for beginners, you learn to create your own reports in Report Designer.
The platform contains many courses and short How-to videos.

By becoming a paying customer you can add users to our OSR eLearning platform.

Our integrations

OneStop Reporting is a multi-tenant Business Intelligence solution for reporting, budgeting and analysis, integrated with your cloud system.

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