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OneStop Reporting is a well-proven product with more than 35,000 users worldwide, integrated with multiple ERP-systems.
With just a click, accounting firms can easily publish reports and commentaries to their clients. End users receive notifications and can access their reports across all platforms. What really makes OneStop Reporting stand out versus many other reporting systems is our Excel-based report designer. This enables accountants to build their own customized reports in a very familiar environment.

Why choose OSR Portal?


 Accountants can share and publish standard report packages and commentaries to clients with a single click.


Notifications are received by clients who easily can access and view their reports and key-figures on all platforms.


Accountants can design customized reports with our powerful Excel-based report designer tool which is fully integrated with QuickBooks Online.


OneStop Reporting includes forecasting with workflow and ready-to-use templates that can be fully customized.

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We would be happy to give you a demonstration of the OneStop Reporting solution and show how we can significantly simplify your reporting and forecasting processes.

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