A customizable solution

Reports and budgets that gives insight

OneStop Reporting is 100 % integrated with the leading ERP-systems, enabling you to design reports and budget forms with direct access to all data from the ERP-system, including customized tables and fields.

Customized reports

Can’t find the reports you need in your ERP-system? With OneStop Reporting, you can tailor reports to your needs, giving you better control over key figures and information that is important to your business.

You can create and customize reports in a familiar Excel environment. In addition, you always have access to data and figures from your ERP-system.

We reduce manual tasks and errors

Many find reporting as a time-consuming and repetitive task. They experience having to spend a lot of time on manual work in Excel, because available standard reports do not cover their needs, and keeping track of the current version is demanding.

With OneStop Reporting, our users express that they get a more efficient reporting and budgeting process. Running and sharing reports has become faster and easier, and errors in spreadsheets are reduced significantly.

The pulse of the company

With the Dashboard module, you always have the pulse of the company. It is easy to see what the profit is for this year, compared to last year.

You can see the current ratio level and the development of the company’s own capital, as well as an overview of how much your customers owe you, and how much your company has in accounts payable.

Reporting - an important management tool

Good reports show a lot of important information and key figures about your company. By taking advantage of the opportunities to tailor this insight, you have the key to better financial control.

With dynamic reports and budgets, your business can be up to date on changes. This allows you to immediately make proactive decisions that steer your business in the right direction.

Why choose OneStop Reporting

Fall in love with our features


Use our standard reports and standard report packages from our marketplace for report- and budget templates. Templates are made with a connection to your accounting software, and can be used on multiple clients.

Edit reports in Excel

Our Excel-based Report Designer provides a unique, versatile and robust reporting tool for tailoring reports – the only limit is your imagination.


With Dashboards, everyone can quickly access the company's key figures. The data is presented with visual graphs, making it easy to understand the information and follow the development in the company.


You can easily share executed reports with other users. Your shared and archived reports are stored in the recipient’s inbox, for quick access and comparison of data.

Voucher view

In the reports, you can drill down to see the underlying transaction details, with voucher view.


You can easily add your reports to a playlist, so you have all your reports available for your next presentation or meeting.

Want to see it live?

We would be happy to give you a product presentation of the OneStop Reporting, and show how they can significantly simplify your reporting and forecasting processes.

Sigurd Myhre

Cloud Sales Executive Visma Software

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More than 50,000 clients have chosen OneStop Reporting, to simplify and automate their reporting and budgeting processes.

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You can test the product yourself, completely free for 30 days - no obligations. See for yourself how OneStop Reporting is a flexible tool for reporting and budgeting.

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