Accounting firms

OneStop Reporting delivers a complete reporting solution to accounting firms. With our seamless integration with the ERP-system, you can now do your jobs more effectively than ever before.

An out-of-the-box solution – simple to implement and deploy

Customize to meet your clients’ expectations

With OSR Portal you get a wide range of financial report templates, that are instantly available to use. In order to be able to meet your clients´ needs and expectations, you can also edit or customize your own report templates.

OSR Report Designer is an Excel based report designer tool, it enables CPA´s to create the reports exactly as the customer wants them. The combination of the OSR Report Designer functionality and standard Excel features gives you a unique, powerful and flexible reporting tool.

Reports are designed primarily using drag-and-drop functionality, which makes it easy to create even the most advanced reports very quickly. During the report design process you can check that the report brings up the data you expect it to, through the connection to the ERP system.

OSR Portal

Formatted reports can be directly uploaded to the web, via OSR Portal. OSR Portal is fully administrated by the accounting firm. End users are granted access to reports through folder structures, and run reports live with direct access to real-time data from the ERP system. All your customer need is a web browser.

OSR Portal app

End-users can easily run or view reports anywhere at any time using OSR Portal app, OneStop Reporting’s reporting application for smart phones and tablets. They can also drill-down and see underlying transactions, and get a detailed overview of the financial situation from their mobile phone or tablet.




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We would be happy to give you a demonstration of the OneStop Reporting products and show how they can significantly simplify your reporting and budgeting.

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