OneStop Reporting provides invaluable insight into your business area through customized reports and budget forms. The goal is that the insight should form a solid basis for business decisions, derived from well-documented facts.

Analysis | Understand | Great decision-making

Good insight can steer your business in the right direction

Ad-hoc analysis

The solution provides quick insight into relevant data to highlight a specific problem. You can drill-down in all reports to underlying transactions, with display of invoices.


With only a click in OneStop Reporting, you gain deeper insight into your business area. You can execute reports at any time online, and keep up to date at any time on changes in your data.

Budgeting and forecasting

The budgeting process is made simple through budget data entry online in OneStop Reporting, where data is stored directly back to the OneStop Reporting budget table.


A user-friendly publishing tool for automatic or sharing of reports, report packages and budgets, based on predefined distribution lists.


OneStop Reporting is a multi-tenant Business Intelligence solution for reporting, budgeting and analysis, integrated with your cloud system.

Want to see it live?

We would be happy to give you a product presentation of the OneStop Reporting, and show how they can significantly simplify your reporting and forecasting processes.

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What does our customer say?

“One of the reasons the solution has become a success is the user interface. When a report has been defined and set up, data is available in a matter of seconds. In bidding processes, Aqualine use OSR to visualize the effect/consequences of different financing solutions and use these estimates in discussions with the customer.”


30 day free trial

You can test the product yourself, completely free for 30 days - no obligations. See for yourself how OneStop Reporting is a flexible tool for reporting and budgeting.

OneStop Reporting