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OneStop Reporting builds on the belief that a flexible budgeting process adapted to your business, allows for optimal budgeting. The budgeting solution offered by OneStop Reporting gives you full freedom to design the budget model exactly as you want it, and enter budget data online.


Online data entry

In the data entry process, support functions such as distribution keys, percent-based calculations, historical data and line item details are available.


Using the Workflow module, OneStop Reporting users can set up and monitor complete budgeting processes.


Forecasts based on actual numbers and original budgets.


Budget form design is done primarily using drag-and-drop functionality that makes it simple to create even the most advanced budget forms very quickly.

Marketplace for templates

With OneStop Reporting, you get a wide range of budgeting- and forecasting templates that are instantly available to use.
All templates are created with access to all accounting system´s tables and fields.
As a Super user, you can edit the templates that are included in OneStop Reporting or you can create your own.

Create custom budget models

Report Designer is integrated with Microsoft Excel, and gives you access to the full Report Designer functionality in addition to all Excel features. This combination forms a unique, versatile and strong reporting tool, where you can tailor your budget forms. You can build budget forms based on multiple dimensions (project, sub-project, activity, etc.), compare actual numbers and budget numbers, use graphical presentations in combination with budget numbers, etc. The possibilities are endless – it’s up to you!

Our integrations

OneStop Reporting is a multi-tenant Business Intelligence solution for reporting, budgeting and analysis, integrated with your cloud system.

What does our customers say?

«Both myself and my colleagues will not hesitate to recommend OSR as a tool for businesses reporting needs, as the service is 5 star to say the least!»

Industry: Accounting

«The board and management team have a much better control over the economy and the department reporting is simplified.»

Industry: Accounting

«The excel-based designer tool has really strengthen our services at the accounting firm»

Industry: Accounting

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