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More than 50,000 clients are using OneStop Reporting, to simplify and automate their reporting and budgeting processes. Read about their customer experiences here.

Accounting firm | Reporting

Regnskapsservice AS

“We can customize and tailor to our clients’ desires and needs, and it’s fun to review the reports together. Close and good communication with customers is our most important goal and task. That’s why we chose OneStop Reporting! ”

Retail | Data Warehouse | budgeting

Coop Nordland

“We are very pleased with OSR as a reporting and budgeting tool,the Publisher module ensures efficient and rapid distribution of our reports and budgets. The solution has become a key management tool for our company.”

Accounting firm | Reporting | Budgeting

Jansson & Larsen Regnskap

“The excel-based designer tool has really strengthen our services at the accounting firm. OneStop Reporting has helped solve most of our clients’ reporting assignments. Especially within project reporting, we see that development projects and project managers have fallen a lot for OneStop Reporting. ”

Accounting firm | Reporting

Aktiv Regnskapsbyrå Tromsø

“OneStop Reporting has done a great job of creating a cash flow budgeting for our customers, that is updated to our accounting system 24SevenOffice. The cash flow takes into account all incoming and outgoing invoices, incoming and outgoing VAT, payroll and vacation pay. to enter wages, increased revenues, change of costs, etc.”

Consulting | Project Management | Budgeting

Asplan Viak

“Asplan Viak has about 800 consultants who use OneStop Reporting daily to follow up their budgets, that shows accrued fees and expenses in their projects. They use OneStop Reporting (OSR) as a main project management tool, where they can easily track developments in different projects.”

Accounting firm | Reporting

Sparebank1 Regnskapshuset

“Sparebank 1 Regnskapshuset accounting firm uses OneStop Reporting as their online-reporting tool for their customers. Customers can easily log-on through a web browser, and get access to their financial reports in OneStop Reporting. The board and management team have a much better control over the company´s finances, and the reporting by department is simplified.”

Retail | Budgeting

I.K. Lykke AS

“Bunnpris have created a highly complex budgeting solution with OneStop Reporting. The Bunnpris budgeting solution includes approx. 220 Bunnpris stores. Stores owned by I.K.Lykke and franchise stores are treated differently when being consolidated into the I.K.Lykke group. We feel that the solution is simple and intuitive even though the budgeting process is very complex.”

Fish farming and equipment | Cash Flow Budgeting


“Aqualine use OSR for cash flow budgeting, and the solution has quickly become a very central tool for the company. One of the reasons the solution has become a success is the user interface. When a report has been defined and set up, data is available in a matter of seconds. In bidding processes, Aqualine use OSR to visualize the effect/consequences of different financing solutions and use these estimates in discussions with the customer.”

Satellite | Reporting | Budgeting

Kongsberg Satellite Services

“Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) use OneStop Reporting for traditional reporting, for example by setting up a report package for their monthly reporting. OSR reports ensure quick access to information and improved financial management.”

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