The reporting solution from OneStop Reporting provides unique opportunities for customizing the reports that you need, and immediately gain access to relevant data. Using various support functions you can drill-down into details and easily share reports with your colleagues or clients.

Automate you reporting processes

Why choose OneStop Reporting?


You get a wide range of financial report templates that are instantly available to use.
All report templates are created with access to all ERP system tables and fields.

Create your own

You can customize or create report templates to meet your demands.
Reports are designed mainly using drag-and-drop functionality, which makes it quick and easy to create advanced reports.


Our Excel-based Report Designer provides a unique, versatile and powerful reporting tool, where you build your reports exactly as you want them.


With the Dashboard module, you always have the pulse of the company. Everyone can quickly access the company's key figures.

*Integration specific feature


Add your own logo, change the colors, use your own fonts, and make it your own!
With our editing tool, you can style and format all reports and budgets, so that it will fit your company´s branding and style sheet.

Automatic distribution

Improve the flow of information internally and to clients through automatic distribution of reports and report packages.


OneStop Reporting is a multi-tenant Business Intelligence solution for reporting, budgeting and analysis, integrated with your cloud system.

Want to see it live?

We would be happy to give you a product presentation of the OneStop Reporting, and show how they can significantly simplify your reporting and forecasting processes.

Sigurd Myhre

Let me show you

What does our customer say?

“Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) use OneStop Reporting for traditional reporting, for example by setting up a report package for their monthly reporting. OSR reports ensure quick access to information and improved financial management.”

Hanne Didriksen, Kongsberg Satellite Services

30 day free trial

You can test the product yourself, completely free for 30 days - no obligations. See for yourself how OneStop Reporting is a flexible tool for reporting and budgeting.

OneStop Reporting