Web-based planning and budgeting

OSR Portal gives you easy access to your budget forms online – the only tool you need is web browser. Budget data entry is done live, with direct write-back to your budget table.

Budget forms, designed in OSR Report Designer, are uploaded to OSR Portal where budget data entry is done live. During the data entry process, you have access to support functions such as distribution keys, percent-based calculations and historic numbers. It is also possible to add line item details, increasing the level of detail in the budget data entry.

Workflow functionality gives the administrator full control of the budgeting process from start to finish. Through a workflow matrix, the administrator manages end users’ access to budget forms, monitors the progress of the budget data entry, and is notified by the end user when budget data entry is complete. This paves the way for a dynamic and smooth budgeting process.

OSR Budgeting package is supplied with every installation of the OneStop Reporting budgeting module and is predefined and ready for use. The package is uploaded to OSR Portal, and contains nine different budget forms, as well as two different profit and loss reports and a balance sheet. All you have to do is to define which account should be included in the various budget forms. The package is generic, allowing you to implement your specific business logic. All underlying logic, like accruals, calculation of liquidity and balance sheet entries is predefined.

Like the other OSR products, OSR Portal is 100 % integrated with the underlying ERP system. This means that budget data entered in OSR Portal is stored directly back to the ERP system’s database, and is instantly accessible from the database.

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